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Lic #: 02137923

Jeffrey Rowe is a real estate investor turned Real Estate Agent. Having bought a handful of rental properties during the ebb of 2008-2010, Jeff (and his wife) know the value of buying property at the right time. “We were fortunate to be able to invest at the low end of the market starting in 2008 and we bought as many houses as fast as we could”.

Now Jeff is focused on finding value for his clients in Southern California. As a Finance MBA and former equity advisor/stock broker, Jeff knows a bit about money and investing and is happy to consult with his clients on their investments and properties. “I try to give solid advice on real estate as well as other types of investments, without overstepping any boundaries”

Jeff spent over 25 years in Consulting, Financial, and Engineering roles in Aerospace companies in Southern California. Having negotiated multi-million dollar purchasing contracts with large Aerospace manufacturers gives Jeff an edge in working the financials involved in Real Estate. “I like numbers”.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys hiking the many trails around Southern California. He also volunteers weekly at Beach Cities Health District in the “Older Adult Assistance” Programs, running Errands for our more experienced neighbors in the South Bay. In addition, Jeff was recently appointed to the Recreation and Parks Commission of Redondo Beach, with the mission to keep property values up by keeping the city’s grass even greener!

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