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Known for his warm personality, tireless work ethic and strong negotiation skills, Shawn Dugan is an award-winning agent in the South Bay of Los Angeles. A lifelong Beach Cities resident, Shawn specializes in listing and selling property across Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes and the surrounding areas, with a strong presence in the ocean front market of “The Strand”. Home to some of the highest value properties in the area, Shawn appreciates the challenge of marketing properties to their fullest potential – resulting in many of the area’s record sales. Off-Strand clients appreciate the high end approach and experience Shawn brings to the table for every property he sells, regardless of location. When working with buyers, he is able to help his clients understand which micro-neighborhoods best suit their needs and uses outside-the-box strategies to find that dream home.

Raised in a family of real estate investors and international art dealers, Shawn takes the same pride in serving all clients as he does helping his own family. His dual citizenship (USA / EU) contributes to his local and international approach to marketing properties, and degrees in Economics and International Studies from UCSD have informed Shawn’s unique analytical approach to pricing and marketing properties. A philosophy focused on customer service and results has yielded a business largely fueled by referral and repeat clients. When not selling real estate, Shawn enjoys spending time with his family and surfing along the California coast.


Shawn was a pleasure to work with. He helped us to find our new house and to navigate some of the obstacles we faced with getting to the finish line. He is patient, knowledgable and responsive. You cant go wrong by having him on your team.

Kenneth R

We couldn't be happier we chose to work with Shawn. All realtors are great when you first work with them, and once you get in escrow the push for the sale to close can seem more important that your needs as the client. This was not the case with Shawn at any moment. He would present us with our options and regularly tell us that he would fully support whatever decision we made. He'd always be happy to provide us with different scenarios, options, and even his opinion if he was the one in our position. Great experience! So good, we have been referring him all around town. Highly recommend!

Candice W

Shawn went above and beyond to help us find our Manhattan Beach Strand Home. I highly recommend him for your realtor needs.

Tatum F

Shawn thinks out-of-the-box at every level to create a deal opportunity and to get it closed. He's a rock star agent, and you get to deal directly with him rather than some hand-me-down associate. Top shelf.


I have bought and sold many properties in the past. My experience with Shawn was commendable. He drove all the way out to my house in Burbank to personally explain how he would help me sell my income property on the strand. One thing I learned about Shawn through working with him is that he follows through on his word, an increasingly rare quality these days. It was not long before we had an accepted offer. Shawn was organized and on top of the details throughout the escrow, and his negotiation skills alone, more than made up for his commission. I cannot recommend Shawn highly enough and am grateful for the thorough attention he gave to selling my property.

George G

I would really like to recommend Shawn Dugan as a real estate agent. He sold my house on The Strand. We waited for the best price; we got the best price. There was no giving up on what our needs were, and the transition was wonderful. I spent a year after that looking for something that would really suit me, and Shawn was wonderful in helping me find this fabulous 1927 vintage cottage - something I had been looking for for a very long time - on a very large lot. And again, we were able to get the price that I needed from the sellers. All I can say about Shawn is that he's easy to work with. He is so completely honest, and I think he really takes care of the seller, as I was, and the buyer, as I became - especially when there's so much emotion involved in real estate. It can be a really hard thing to get through. But Shawn did it so well for me, and I would recommend him to anybody, anywhere. He knows the market. He has lived here his whole life. He does every cost comparison you can possibly imagine. He supplies you with as much information as you need to know, and he follows through. I would not have used him not one, or two times but now I'm using him again for rental purposes with my properties. He is just an overall perfect package, in a field with people that are a little hard to take some times, and also hard to trust. I cannot say enough about Shawn Dugan and his company. Thanks!


Shawn was absolutely fantastic. He helped my husband and I purchase our dream home. We were first time home buyers entering into a very hot market in the beach cities. As you can imagine, we were very daunted by the process and the stories of low inventories, all cash offers, multiple bids... the list goes on! Shawn was patient with us and acted as a trusted ally throughout the home buying process, which is what every home buyer wants to find in an agent. You want someone representing your best interests and not just the deal. During the initial stages of the process, Shawn helped us find listings that would suit our picky tastes and walked us through the available tradespace given multiple bid situations. Initially, we had no idea how many different aspects of an offer were up for negotiation and Shawn helped us craft the right offer given our risk preference and desire to be competitive. Aside from being an expert on the process, Shawn was extremely committed to us as clients. In one instance he was on vacation in China when we needed to put in an offer. When we called him, he took a pause from his vacation to make sure our offer was submitted on time - despite the time difference and plans he made with his family. I think that speaks volumes for Shawn's work ethic and concern for his clients. Going the extra mile is an understatement! After we found out home, he made the process simple. One aspect that I particularly loved was how Shawn used docusign. This service allowed us to sign the plethora of documents electronically and limited the drain on our time, which is something I valued immensely. He also made sure we had all our loose ends tied up so we were able to close on time and without issue. Further, since we were first time buyers, we needed the extra hand holding. As such, Shawn was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and made sure our minds were at ease. We just moved in and are loving our home! We could never have done it without Shawn and his expertise - many thanks!

Andrea C

We initially interviewed several agents to market and sell our home. Looking back, we feel fortunate we found Shawn, and were pleasantly stunned at how quickly he found a well qualified buyer for our house. This is not the first home I've sold. In retrospect, the transaction with Shawn was like a breath of fresh air - he far exceeded our expectations. We would recommend Shawn to anyone thinking of selling their South Bay home, especially in today's market.

Kimberly R

When the time came to sell my Strand home of 25 years, I interviewed four of the South Bay’s local top producers. I chose Shawn Dugan to list the property because I felt he understood my home and its ideal target buyer. He presented a top tier marketing plan, was forthright with his analysis of the property and he had the important quality of being trustworthy. I felt confident he was the one for the job. Once listed, I was immediately impressed with his marketing materials and presentation of the house to prospective buyers. Throughout the process, Shawn was there for every phone call, question and concern that I had. He worked with integrity and always looked out for our best interest. He was with us every step of the way. The end result speaks for itself: a great price on the sale and less than half the average time on the market. I highly recommend Shawn to anyone who is thinking of selling their home. He really goes the extra mile.

Bruce T

To whoever wants to work with Shawn-- he's the best. He helped us from A to Z to get this house, and we're very happy. Thank you, Shawn. Good luck!

Tiffany V

Before I met Shawn, I met three other Realtors who did not listen to what I had said to them, whereas Shawn listened to everything I said and helped me find the perfect home, very quickly. I was under the gun to find a home in three months - not just find it but also close on it in three months - which he made possible. Shawn found me a house that wasn't on the market. He was very resourceful. He contacted the owners and made it all happen. He persuaded the owners to sell when they had wanted to rent and just kept everything going. He kept everything positive and just so easy. It worked out really really well. So YAY Shawn! Thank you so much.

Julie H

Shawn Dugan was my Realtor and has represented me extraordinarily well over the past weeks. … He serves his clients well; with integrity, and with knowledge, and with a great depth of experience, notwithstanding what appears to be his youthfulness. He knows what he is doing, and he is trustworthy with your real estate needs.

Tom A

I have been a resident of the South Bay for the last eighteen years or so, and Shawn Dugan has been my Realtor for about six months now. I ended up listing a residence in Manhattan Beach that he worked diligently on, and he was very attentive throughout the entire process. The house closed and sold. I feel like I got optimum dollar for it in the current economy. Consequently I went back to him just a couple months later with another property in Rancho Palos Verdes that I decided to list and sell, and we had an accepted offer - or an offer that I ended up accepting - before the Brokers Open, and as a result of the Brokers Open had at least two backup offers on this very desirable property in Rancho Palos Verdes. I've never even had one single situation in the months that I've been interacting with him when he did not follow through very professionally and did an outstanding job. So thank you, Shawn, for all your hard work. I'm glad you sold a couple of my houses, and, who knows, there may be more in the future.

Dan B

I just got the keys to a house that Jennifer and myself just bought. We're really excited. Shawn Dugan was our agent. He actually was our agent on the last house we had, too. He's fantastic working on the seller's side of the business, and he's fantastic working on the buyer's side also. I highly recommend him.

Chris F

My first real estate interaction with Shawn was in 2018. My brother and I were seeking a realtor who was very experienced in the area to sell a property that had been in the family for over 60 years. We wanted to find the right mix of personality to handle that type of transaction. We decided to look at the 5 top agents in Manhattan Beach. Had interviews with 5 of these realtors. Immediately we zeroed in on what we felt were our top two, and Shawn just had a more unique approach. He really thought out how he was going to be marketing. He wasn’t just selling himself on his past sales. He really looked forward as to how he was going to be marketing our property - way more, I thought, than some of the other realtors in the area. The only way to show the view was to get a scissor lift, and he coordinated the whole process of getting a scissor lift, so we could go 25-30 feet in the air, and he could take prospective realtors and buyers to view the property with the real potential of its view, and that was a great call by Shawn. From that collaboration of he being a good listener and us asking engaging questions with him, we felt very confident that he was the right pick. We really felt that Shawn was strongly representing us. He created an exceptional video of our property that really showed its uniqueness. He generated a lot of excitement for it. His brochures were absolutely gorgeous. His delivery and his understanding of the local marketplace. His relationships with some of the builders that eventually was our buyer just brought that collective strength to the transaction that made it go pretty smooth. He just made us feel very relaxed and good about working with him. And we could see that he would be a person that other realtors would want to work with, as well as clients. We are so thankful that we chose him, and he came across our lives and made such an impact with handling a very unique property here in Manhattan Beach for us. Do your homework; interview some other agents. That way you have a more informed opinion. And I think when you sit down with Shawn and give him the opportunity to really present his way of thinking, his way of handling the transaction, I think you’ll hopefully do what we did and go with Shawn.

Leslie D

When I contacted Shawn, he was immediately very personable and was willing to meet us and get right to work. We met him and he was just so low key and so friendly. You have the immediate sense that he knows what he’s talking about, and he’s been around for a long time. We bought with him, and then 13 months later we sold the same property with him. … I do send everyone to him. We are in constant contact because our projects together are just never ending. Whether they are rental properties or investment properties or buying or selling homes. We always pull him in and make him part of the story - if he’s not already. I mean, he’s so well known locally. You drive through Manhattan Beach, and a lot of the properties are his.

Eleanor C

I worked with Shawn on the sale of my home. … He was amazing in terms of negotiating the offer we ended up accepting. … We actually ended up going back to both parties and were able to get a higher offer from both parties. We sold for close to $50,000 more than asking price, in addition to negotiating that I could stay mo to mo as long as I wanted for $1,500/mo less than my mortgage. It was just an outstanding deal he was able to negotiate. He made it so easy. I’ve referred my business partner whose house Shawn sold. This was a house that was on the market with a different Realtor and was not able to get sold for 8 weeks, that Shawn took over and sold in two weeks… He was very happy and are very impressed with his approach to the sale process and the prep - to getting the home ready. That was the most amazing thing, how well he was ready for that open house. It was almost like a team getting ready for the Super Bowl. They knew all the game plan. He knew everything. He had all his ducks in a row, and we killed it. … And I couldn’t have imagined it being any easier.

Ahmed M

We met Shawn because we were trying to sell our home [with a different agent], and while we were trying to sell our home, my business partner was also in the middle of selling his home [with Shawn]. He was able to not just sell his home but actually get multiple over-ask offers, and one that he even got to rent it back. It was an absolute dream offer... We had a personal attachment to the home and all the things that we had done to it, and Shawn did a great job at making that appealing for others, as well. I think Shawn knocked it out of the park. … He laid out a very clear plan - "This is how we're going to sell this home." Above and beyond in terms of marketing, video, boots on the ground. Going forward, we definitely will continue to use Shawn. When people ask use who we use, or who has sold our home, or who they should use to sell their home, we've always told them that they should use Shawn, because we tell them he's very trustworthy; he's very relaxed; he's very efficient and effective. He gets the job done... without any pressure.

Geoffrey T

What makes my experience in buying and selling homes is working with Shawn Dugan. … What I find Shawn to be excellent at is closing the deal, finding the best tenants, working through the issues and solving the problems. I admire Shawn's love for what he does, his work ethic, his tenacity, and most important - his honesty. So for those people who might be looking for an agent, I highly recommend Shawn Dugan. He's not only someone who I enjoy working with, but I consider him a friend.

Michael G

He has taking me from a sale, to a purchase, and to a rental. He’s really really really been conscientious about the most incredible detail. … The thing I really liked a lot was that he really went to town on the marketing level. It brought great joy to me when we were on the cover of Digs. He brought in best lighting people and the best camera people. To this day I keep that Digs cover as a souvenir. Frankly speaking, and I’m not even kidding you, I can’t find any better than Shawn. It’s the truth. He’s just super quality. I know Shawn has lived here and grown up here. I know he has a heart for this place. And he’ll absolutely get you whatever you want. He always does for me; I’ve never been disappointed. I’ll never work with anybody else but him. I’ve done a sale. Huge. I’ve done a buy. Huge. And he’s been renting my house here since 2012. He cares about his clients, that’s all there is to it. I can only say, you’re lucky if you get him. You’re lucky to have him.

Kimberly T

I found that his showing the property and temperament with the buyers were excellent. He's very hard working. He's very, very responsive and timely in responding to e-mails and just being on it. And I found that when we finally got a buyer on the line and interested, his professionalism and negotiation skills came quite handy in, ultimately, getting a really good price at the end of the deal. My experience with Shawn was really strong, and I highly recommend Shawn to any prospective sellers or buyers or renters, or anyone that wants to do anything with real estate.

Bill R

Shawn is definitely up there at the very, very top of all the brokers I've ever dealt with. He's got integrity, honesty, hard work. … So if you're looking for a property on The Strand or really anywhere else in this area, he's definitely the guy you want to be dealing with. I give you my 100% vote of confidence for Shawn Dugan.

Jordan B

We were looking for a place to rent in the South Bay area. He went over and beyond trying to help us find the right place. He helped us into our new home very quickly. Easy to work with. Wonderful guy. Got back to us regularly with all our questions.


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