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An Agent’s Perspective on Being a Real Estate Professional

There is a bit of an overlap between being a Real Estate Agent and a Real Estate Professional, but when it comes to client experience there is a big difference.

I have, for many years, been a good real estate agent and was proud of that title. But in the last number of years, I have learned that there is another level to strive for, the Real Estate Professional.

Many agents do the job adequately. They fill in the contracts, get the signatures from their clients and get them to the proper entities. They drive the new listings and savor the lunches provided. They contact their clients, when they feel it necessary and answer the questions. And you can be sure; they get their commission checks the day they are due.

While I have no issues with the above, I now realize that there is much more that can be done to be a GREAT agent, not just a good one! By becoming a Real Estate Professional.

The Real Estate Professional makes sure they provide a stellar performance. They educate their clients, often saving them valuable time and costly mistakes. They not only make sure the contracts are accurate, but they review them more than once to be sure no errors exist. The Real Estate Professional stays in contact with the client every step of the way, more so than the average agent.

The Real Estate Professional understands that no client can be kept in the know too much!! Clients sit and wonder, or worry, or agonize over what the reply is to the RR or what is going on with the termite inspection. Things an average agent may wait to alert their client to vs. proactively updating them via text, email or better yet, a call beforehand. Things the average agent may see as mundane, or TMI is far from routine to the client. Even if nothing has occurred in the last week, the Real Estate Professional calls to say, ‘I know the seller is still thinking about what they want to respond to our request, but I wanted you to know I am on this and let you know where we are at.”

It seems so natural to think as agents we are doing the right job, fulfilling our responsibility and go about business as usual. Buying or selling a home often is one of the top ten most stressful life events. The stresses involved can be torturous to clients. Therefore anything we can do to help to ease the process and brighten up their dark worry hole is always appreciated.

When considering how I may become better at my craft, I can honestly say that being a Real Estate Professional is the answer.

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