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Design Ideas for an Ergonomic Kitchen

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Kitchens are one of the most used rooms of any home. Vera Iconica Architecture shares with us their take on design ideas for an ergonomic kitchen.

Thoughtful kitchen designs can empower healthier lifestyles. It can reduce physical strain and add convenience to food preparation. Kitchen design can also transform our relationship with food by affecting our purchasing, preparation, and consumption habits.

Whether looking to create stand-out features in a new home, or optimizing your kitchen for wellness, consider these four tips from Vera Iconica Architecture.

Drawers Do More

For Kitchen base cabinets opt for drawers over doors. Pull-out drawers allow you to easily view stored items without stress on your body. Items like plates, cookware, and perishables all store well in pull-out drawers. The easy access will keep you from ducking, crawling, or reaching to find what you need.

Floors that Give

Soft materials such as wood, rubber, and cork are easier on the feet and legs (as compared to tile, stone, or concrete). Reducing physical strain and fatigue.

Hardware for Ease

Opt for cabinetry and drawer hardware, such as the Blum Servo-drive/Blumotion combination. These cabinets open and shut with the lightest touch. When selecting drawer hardware for your heavy pots and pans, opt for maximum weight bearing systems.

Light the Way

Pair beautiful decorative fixtures with strategically placed LED downlights or LED strips. This helps to illuminate important food prep zones and are easily installed below wall-mounted cabinetry or open shelving.

Simple ergonomic changes in your kitchen, can have a dramatic affect on personal health, wellness, and the enjoyment of your home.

Vera Iconica is a partner of Strand Hill Health and Wellness Services.

Nominated as 2018 Top Wellness Trend, Vera Iconica Architecture is the creator of the Wellness Kitchen™.

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